Rolex Air King Replica watches Classic Fusion House of Mandela: A Tribute To The Great Human Rights Activists and Anti-Apartheid Fighters

Rolex Air King Replica watches

Rolex Air King Replica watches created a watch to celebrate Nelson Mandela's legacy, one of the most prominent human rights activists of our time. House of Mandela, the charity founded by the family of the anti-apartheid revolutionary, collaborated to create the watch in his honor. The watch has a gold housing with appropriate symbols and inscriptions that highlight its inspiration. The watch is available in two sizes: the larger version for men and the smaller one with diamonds for women.Rolex Air King fake watches They are limited editions of 95 pieces and feature self-winding mechanical movements.

Rolex Air King Replica watches decided to dedicate a timekeeper to the man whose name stands for freedom, dignity, and multi-racial harmony after the series was dedicated to famous sportsmen. This intention resulted in a limited edition timekeeper that honors Nelson Mandela, the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Nelson Mandela

The watch has many references to Mandela's history, starting with the limited editions and the number of copies. It's 95, which corresponds with his age at the time of Mandela's death two years earlier.

There are also many other details visible on the dial,Rolex Air King replica watches bezel and case-back. The bezel has a satin finish and is held in place by six polished titanium screws. Mandela's signature can also be seen at the top right. The logo of House of Mandela is found in the lower section of this dial, which has the same decorative finish that the bezel of watch.

Rolex Air King Replica watches Classic Fusion House of Mandela Watch

On the timekeeper's dial, there is also a representation that shows a bee reaching out for its wings. This symbolises many branches of Mandela's family tree.franck muller replica watches It also refers to Mandela's middlename, Rolihlahla. This name means "he who dares to fetch honey from honeycomb" in Xhosa language.

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